In-Kennel Training

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In-Kennel Training Opportunities – “Academy Training Camp

All In-Kennel training engagements begin with a temperament evaluation of your dog by our trainer so we mutually understand your dog’s temperament and establish training expectations.  We find that a majority of dogs perform well after our three-week program; however in some cases, additional training may be required to remove previously established bad habits or meet some more advanced expectations by the owner.

The in-kennel training program works well for owners who utilize our services while away on vacation, have difficult schedules making regular attendance to our group classes impossible, or like many, you simply prefer to own a professionally trained dog. Regardless of your motivation, you can trust that when you board and train your dog with us they will have the best of care in a safe, monitored environment.  We also provide extensive socialization and best of all a lot of interactive learning fun for your pet!

In-Kennel Training – Obedience Foundation

Training Expectations

  • Heel on leash
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Stand (great for vet exams etc.)
  • Come
  • Down

*Your dog will receive public exposure during work outs and an introduction to basic car manners

In-Kennel Training – Obedience Foundation with Extended Manners

Training Expectations
Includes all Obedience Foundation behaviors (Sit, Sit, Stay, Stand, Come Down) in addition to extended work on:

  • Car entry and exit
  • Home door [greeting guests / not escaping]
  • Furniture respect
  • Begging
  • Jumping
  • Counter and table ‘surfing’ training with food

Short Term In-Kennel “Vacation Stay” Tune-Up Training

Short-term In-Kennel training is mainly for follow-on visits; however other obedience training can be done on a space available basis.  These sessions will focus on your dogs specific needs which includes working on all the foundation obedience items (heel, sit, stay stand, down, come) Extended Manners (car entry/exit, home door, furniture respect, begging, jumping, counter and table ‘surfing’ with food) in addition to more playful behaviors like fetching, casual leash (walking) manners, and even stupid dogs tricks like “roll-over” and “dead dog”.

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