Group Classes

Encinitas Obedience Academy teaches dog owners how to train their own dogs through our extensive group coaching classes.  Our aim is helping your dog achieve its behavioral goals by teaching YOU how to train and handle it!  We offer a wide range of classes taught year around in our convenient North County Coastal location.  The facility is fully fenced and lighted for your dog’s safety.  Our classes include:

  • Puppy Development – A great beginning for your dog’s development.  Your youngster is introduced to obedience and good manners.  Puppies need socialization to become good citizens and this is a great starting place to have positive experiences with other people, puppies and special situations. Requirements: Puppies 8 weeks and up and two DHLPP vaccinations.
  • S.T.A.R Puppy – preparation for AKC “S.T.A.R. Puppy” test and related training.
  • Canine Good Citizenship – C.G.C. – Preparation for the AKC “Canine Good Citizenship” test.
  • Basic Obedience – This class contains six (6) weekly sessions for group lessons conducted on leash.  Your dog will learn heel, sit, stay, come and down on command.
  • Intermediate Obedience – This is a six (6) week follow-on class building on the foundations learned in Basic Obedience.  You will work with increased work off-leash and trick training will lead to a well behaved and mannered happy dog who will be welcomed anywhere.
  • Advanced Obedience – These are advanced classed tailored to those wishing to excel, improve their dog’s behavior and maybe even compete in organized obedience trials and achieve designations such as American Kennel Club’s:  Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent, Rally, Open, Utility Dog etc..
  • Agility – One of the most fun and challenging types of training.  This fast growing sport in which dogs learn to negotiate obstacle courses providing an excellent way to gain off-leash control of your dog.  Dogs love agility: it’s a great way to exercise their bodies and minds!  Agility requires you to properly handle your dog using only voice control and body language.
    • Fun Beginning Agility – Non-competitive just for fun agility class.   This is a beginning fun agility play time aimed at non-competitive owners and their dogs. You will be introduced to the various equipment with your dog in a fun relaxed environment. You will have instruction and supervision with lots of time on the course equipment. All work will be done on-leash. This is a super opportunity to play with your dog and have some real fun navigating new obstacles in this casual, non-competitive environment. Your dog will gain confidence while engaging in this fun activity with you. Prerequisite: Beginning Obedience or Equivalent.
    • Beginning Agility – Your agility adventure begins!  You and your dog learn the obedience required for agility and the skills to negotiate agility obstacles. Prerequisite: Beginning Obedience or Equivalent
    • Intermediate and Advanced Agility – You agility adventure continues with obstacle course training and educational handling skills for competing in agility trials.  Prerequisite: Beginning Agility and trainers approval.
  • Other Sport Dog workout activities – Other options like Fly Ball, Rally, Schutzund, Tracking, Carting etc. are available based on class interest.

Miniature Aussie playing on the agility equipment. Keeps their minds sharp and bodies active: yours too!

Private Lessons and Tutoring

Whatever your dogs needs, we can help.  If individual learning on your time schedule is best, we can accommodate you and your dog.  Our trainers are available for one-one private lessons for all of our obedience work to build a solid foundation for your dog.  We can also help you with any behavioral problems, unusual or difficult training situations.  We can also coach you and your dog on fun activities like agility or tricks.

Must stay focused! Amazing what a little treat will do for your dog's interest.

Special Events and Seminars

Encinitas Obedience Academy also holds special events, parties, fundraisers and seminars seasonally which include:

  • Loose leash training and walking
  • Rattlesnake Avoidance
  • Traffic Safety Seminar
  • Agility – Open Play Sessions
  • Creating a harmonious relationship with your family and dog
  • Overcoming fear and aggression
  • Keeping your dog happy at home while you are away

We host fun charity events, open houses and seminars. Watch our calendar and Facebook.


Call to enroll in a class that is right for you and your dog. 760-436-3571